2014 Election Results

Town Crier

A numbers of local issues faced resounding approvals or defeats during the 2014 General Election, including the annexation of Winlock into the Timberland Regional Library District, which is passing with more than 70 percent; approval of an EMS levy for Lewis County Fire District 15, which is passing with more than 76 percent, and the defeat of a bond measure for the Toledo School District, which is receiving more than 62 percent disapproval.

Other measures and offices remain too close to call, including the race for Lewis County Assessor, with incumbent Dianne Dorey ahead by just more than a percentage point, and a state measure mandating class sizes for public education, which is currently failing by 50.57 percent.

Updated results are expected in the coming days, with Lewis County next reporting on Friday and Cowlitz County next reporting on Wednesday, while the election itself is expected to be certified on Nov. 25. For updated election information, continue to check www.hometowndebate.com.

State results

Initiative 1351

(Concerning K-12 education)

No: 50.57%

Yes: 49.43%

Initiative 591

(Concerning reduced state standards for firearm background checks)

No: 54.55%

Yes: 45.45%

Initiative 594

(Concerning universal firearm background checks)

Yes: 59.72%

No: 40.28%

Advisory Vote No. 8

(Concerning marijuana excise tax)

Maintained: 52.7%

Repealed: 47.3%

Advisory Vote No. 9

(Concerning leasehold excise tax on tribal property)

Maintained: 54.07%

Repealed: 45.93%

State Representative from Legislative District 19 Position 1

Dean Takko: 67.56%

David Steenson: 32.44%

State Representative from Legislative District 19, Position 2

Brian Blake: 64.08%

Hugh Fleet: 35.92%

Lewis County Results

County Assessor

Dianne Dorey: 50.68%

Candy Hallom: 49.32%

County Auditor

Larry Grove: 69.94%

Jenifer Slemp: 30.06%

County Commissioner, District 3

Gary Stamper: 54.79%

Rich Bainbridge: 45.21%

County Sheriff

Rob Snaza: 77.29%

Brian Green: 22.71%

Winlock Library Annexation

Yes: 70.77%

No: 29.23%

Toledo Bond Measure

No: 62.24%

Yes: 37.76%

Fire District 15 EMS Levy

Yes: 76.16%

No: 23.84%

Cowlitz County Results

County Commissioner, District 3

Joe Gardner: 55.49%

Mark Smith: 44.51%

County Prosecutor

Ryan Jurvakainen: 52.1%

Sue Baur: 47.9%

County Sheriff

Mark Nelson: 54.15%

Darren Ullmann: 45.85%

PUD Commissioner, Position 1

Dena Diamond-Ott: 61.14%

Loren Sievila: 38.86%

Fire District 6 Levy Lid Lift

No: 54.66%

Yes: 45.34%