Assistant Coach KC Oakley give Winlock Girls Basketball heart

By Lynnette Hoffman

Assistant Coach KC Oakley give Winlock Girls Basketball heart

KC Oakley

It takes a special person to coach sports, a person who's heart is in it for the students and the school. KC Oakley is not just any assistant coach, she is the Winlock High School Girls Basketball Assistant Coach and she loves what she does.

KC is 34 years young and hails from Vancouver, Washington. Tori Nelson, the Winlock High School Girls Basketball Coach said, "Her Dad, whom KC calls her driver brings her to almost every game each year. Because they live in Vancouver, they don't go much further north than Winlock. This is my 9th year as a head coach, and KC has been with me for every single one."

Coach Nelson continued, "She studies the games on YouTube. She listens to everything I say, and she brings game plans for the team each game. It's always different. She always has to 'talk first' in the locker room before games. She's very protective of the girls. If I yell at them she gets pretty upset with me."

"KC has the biggest heart of anyone on the team," she said. "She hugs every official and every opposing coach. Her favorite player is Karlie Jones and she's not afraid to let people know. No matter what our record ends up being, the players learn more than they know from Coach KC. She teaches us all compassion, passion, dedication, perseverance, and positivity. She's quite remarkable."

Addison Hall, one of the players said, "She is an amazing, energetic, and uplifting coach. She's always giving the team love when we are down and making us laugh when we really need to. All of us girls are very grateful to have her with us."

Karlie Jones, who is a teammate of Addison's stated, " KC's devotion to our team is limitless. No matter how far the game is she's always there to cheer us on and coach us. She's our number one supporter and coach all in one."

Winlock High School Girls Basketball team is very fortunate to have someone so caring as KC Oakley, thank you KC for all you do.