Ayers is an Asset to Pacific County

who is always available to her constituents. She is more than willing to discuss concerns with those who call her at home or the county office as well as responding quickly to emails. Lisa has participated, along with her fellow commissioners, in several public forums in the county. Lisa cares about the people she represents listens.

Lisa has been instrumental in bringing the county through a recession that lasted too long and yet maintained basic services for the people of this county. Her background in financial matters allowed her to review the county's finances and find a way to refinance the county's debt while saving over $400,000 in interest fees. Lisa's expertise in finance makes her an incredible asset for Pacific County.

I could list several more ways that Lisa Ayers is an asset to our county. I recommend that people talk to, email, or attend a public forum to learn more about Lisa than I can include in a Letter to the Editor.

Please vote to reelect Lisa Ayers for County Commissioner. She has and will serve us and this county well.

Diane Knutson

Ocean Park