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Can anyone Hear me Screaming?

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I am crying out to all you avid anti any gun safety/gun regulation folks – NOBODY IS TRYING TO TAKE AWAY YOUR HANDGUNS, SHOTGUNS OR HUNTING RIFLES. 

The Supreme Court has already ruled on that…a person has the right to protect him/herself and his/her family with a firearm.  I am a gun owner.  All anyone with a lick-o’-sense wants is to make it illegal to possess weaponry that is capable of killing 30 people in 30 seconds!  Is that so terrible? 

I ask you – I implore you – I beg you to tell me why the possession of this type of weapon and/or ammunition capability is so important to you.  These weapons surely cannot be used for hunting. Such a weapon would render any game beyond the ability to be dressed and or consumed. Or are you planning to hunt something other than elk, deer, bear, etc.? 

Who or whom are you afraid of?  Is it the conspiracy of the slippery slope that would lead to the government’s ability to disarm you so it can take over as a mega-police state?  (Puh-leeeeeeze!)  Is it a macho thing?  Is it something that gives you power?  Power, over what?  Inquiring minds want to know why you need to keep a machine in your home that can kill 30 men, or 30 women, or 30 children in 30 seconds. Why?

I’m sick to death of hearing “Guns don’t kill people – People kill people.”  It may be so, but guns make it so much easier, much faster, less personal, and less messy.  All you have to do is pull a trigger – pull a trigger from across the room and, BOOM – mission accomplished.  

Is mental illness a problem?  Of course!  And something should be done about it.  Here’s something to stuff in your pipe.  Reagan defunded the Mental Health Systems Act and turned many onto the streets. Within a month, the Office of Management Budget announced it would curtail the budget of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), phase out training of clinicians, interrupt research, and eliminate services. Cutbacks to staff followed; chaos ensued. Experienced people left, others remained in government service but were forced into menial jobs. Trained professionals were reassigned to labs to dissect dead rats; science writers were reassigned to typing pools. The Mental Health Systems Act disappeared.  That, plus, the government you all hate so much protects everyone – including you – from health records being public information.  (Of course, there’s nothing wrong with you, right?  It’s everyone else.)  Do you want to change that?  Should everyone have a psychological evaluation on file?  Fine with me, but are you okay with that?

As a start, why not:

  • Stop the sale of assault weapons
  • Make it illegal to own a magazine that holds more than 5 or 10 bullets
  • Make it illegal to own more than one of the aforementioned magazines
  • Make it a felony to sell any weapon, including private and gun show sales - without a 3-day wait and an in-depth background check of the purchaser. 

What is so wrong about that?

If there is something in your personality that just cries out to fire one of these extreme weapons perhaps the local gun club can apply for a special permit to own a certain number of these weapons and magazines and make them available to members. You could fire to your heart’s content and be the man you wish to be (or think you are).

Grow up and get real.


Patricia Neve,

South Bend, Wash.
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Members Opinions:
February 10, 2013 at 9:20am
The author's argument is so divisive I find it repulsive. As a retired veteran of multiple deployments who fought for the rights of individuals like this, I now wish to exercise that same right to voice my opposition to her argument. The author's contention that the government is not attempting to take away all guns is quickly dismissed by a look at the proposed legislation from Senator Feinstein from California. Her "denial" is reminiscent of the statement by the Iranian leader who claims the Holocaust never occurred.
I am more than willing to accept the closing of gun show loopholes and other sensible actions to reduce the amount of illegally possessed weapons, yet I realize that we will likely never see a day where tragedies such as the one in Sandy Hook will not be repeated.
February 07, 2013 at 8:42pm
I will tell you I am not listening to you scream. You have a typical left wing reply. I along with millions of others have worn the uniform of this great country, and for someone as small minded as you to try and tell me that a criminal should be better armed then me is laughable. I have been a victim. I awoke to some lunitic crashing into my car and telling me she was going to kill me, I grabbed my gun and drew done on her but quickly realized I would be the one in trouble because of our incompetant law enforcement and prosecutor. I also had a sister murdered out on the Monohan landing road, you may remember that event the one that took almost ten years to solve even thought law enforcement had the facts. News flash I cannot count on local law enforcement to protect me and my family. I will ask you why should I give up my weapons because a very small portion of our society is crazy? I do not recall you going after tobaccoo in your letter to the editor. We know it kills. I also wonder if you plan on going after the Alcohol industry. Doctors kill more people by mistakes then all gun deaths combined. Your argument is really kinda stupid. Today in Los Angeles a cop went on a killing spree he was vetted. I was required to recite what deadly force daily before going on post and I still know it. I am more then capable of handling a weapon. In closing I did what law abiding citizens do I got a permit and I registered my weapon, That is enough. Why is it that all the cool-aid drinkers think that the criminals will just stop and behave. And here is the one that will scare you I do believe law abiding citizens should be as well armed as our police. Remember the key here is LAW ABIDING. I want goodwill to all and malice toward none but don't come to my house and try and take from me. I hope you are not one of those that thought a smart lady like Hilary Clinton could actually say what difference does it make and think it was ok. And just so you know guns do kill people as soon as they are pointed and the trigger squeezed. You can have your opinion but I don't need to explain mine to you, I have served my country I suspect you have not. I would just suggest maybe you learn a little more about guns and the millons of law abiding Americans that own them. Semper Fi
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