County Commissioners meeting well attended

When the presentation was over, all the library managing staff from around the county introduced themselves, and the commissioners returned to the regular pace of the meetings. The consent agenda for the Board of Health meeting was approved, with Rainbow Valley landfill vouchers in the amount of $1,810.

The commissioner's meeting was officially opened and it was time to deal with items from the public not on the agenda, where a member from the public inquired about the wind powered vehicles being allowed on beaches, that if the wind powered vehicles are allowed, "why aren't ATV's?" Commissioner Steve Rogers answered by saying that the wind powered vehicles as well as the ATV's are not under their jurisdiction, that it is a state level decision, so the County Commissioners would not have a say in the matter anyway.

Moving the meeting right along, the board recognized Tim Crose for his 25 years of service to the county, as well as the resignation of Loni Hooper, and approved the request to post her vacant position as Chief Appraiser.

"We're really going to miss her" said a co-worker, "and everything she has done for Pacific County."

The board then authorized the Pacific County Fair Board to use the Pacific County Fairgrounds for a horse show, and a cattle sorting event.

The next Pacific County Commissioner's meeting will be Tuesday, April 14 at the Courthouse Annex in South Bendat 9 am.