Everybody's Changes Ownership as of December 2

The Everybody's Supermarkets in both Elma and Raymond has changed ownership over to Pam Garcia and Matt Marcott as of Wednesday December 2. Marcott and Garcia are siblings, and have been working together since 1987.

"Our family owns other grocery stores, we own three stores in Oregon, and three stores in California and now two here in Washington since we've bought the Raymond store and the Elma store," said Garcia.

Garcia continued to explain how they came to acquire the Everybody's Supermarkets, "Being in the business, it's a small industry and we work with a wholesaler so we hear of opportunity's when people want to retire and we looked into it and they were some great stores so we bought both as of Wednesday, December 2."

The new owners are optimistic about the supermarkets, "We're here; we want to get to know the employees and to enhance upon what Jake Myers and his crew have already built here. In the short term we're remaining as Everybody's. We're happy to be here and want to continue serving the community with full-scale supermarkets," said Garcia.