FLASH program starts at Winlock Elementary

Winlock Elementary School is starting a new program called FLASH. The recent scores for math show our school is below the state standard. Winlock Miller Elementary is determined to get the scores up and they need the community's help to do so.

"The school is starting the FLASH Card Math volunteer program with an orientation for volunteers on Monday, October 7 at 2:00 p.m.," said Meg Matheson. "This is the day that volunteers will learn about expectations of the program, tips for working with students, and have an opportunity to meet the students and teachers with whom they will be working. The program will start with our fourth grade classrooms. Each volunteer will have 5 students that they will work with once a week. Multiplication flash cards will be the basis of the learning, with students memorizing facts that will help them with mathematical problem solving. Having the facts memorized will give students the skills to apply this knowledge, when needed, in algebra, geometry and calculus."

Matheson continued, "Carol Schultz had the inspiration to create this opportunity for our students. She has collected donated flash cards, recruited volunteers from the community through the senior center, TOPS program and other community groups. If anyone is interested in volunteering for this program, an application for volunteering can be obtained from the elementary school office. The elementary staff is excited to have another way to support learning for our students."

"Winlock Miller Elementary staff are excited to have community members coming in to volunteer their time to support our students," said Matheson. "The FLASH program is just getting started and we need more volunteers. The school is always looking for volunteers and welcomes them on to campus. If you have the time, one hour a week, to give to our students success, please pick up a volunteer application from the elementary school office."

Carol Schultz stated, "The world of kids today is much different than the one we grew up in or even our own children. Technology has changed everything. Instead of reading a book, kids play a computer game. Instead of riding a bike, they play a computer game. The variety we once had that went into our learning is now replaced with playing a computer game. Cell phones make them available to even the youngest of children. The impact of this is beginning to show up in the academics and social development. FLASH is a program to bridge the gap and reinforce the math skills learned by the kids in our town. Kids now face competition not only locally but internationally to get the jobs they will need to become independent and successful in living."

"Winlock has always come together to recognize our kids in their sports achievements and the time is now to actively cheer them on in their academic success," continued Schultz.

It truly takes a village to raise a student these days. Let's come together and help our students raise their math scores and improve their lives. Hope to see you on October 2 at 2:00 p.m. at Winlock Miller Elementary.