Friedlanders Will Match Money Raised for HAVA Challenge Grant for June 2014


That means if you collectively donate $500 they get a $1,000 donation. Is that an irresistible offer or what? As you may know, the Frisky Fund covers catastrophic care when no other funds are available.

Please send your checks to Gail Friedlander, 6061 Wilson Creek Road, Raymond, WA  98577-9493, made out to the HAVA Frisky Fund and with Matching Grant written somewhere on the check.  I will turn them in to HAVA on July 1st.  HAVA is a 501c3 and all of your donations are fully tax deductible.

No amount is too small - even a $5 donation turns into $10 with this offer. Please feel free to share this on your own Facebook page. From now on the most exciting part of my day will be going to the mailbox!

As of June 10th we have received $70 in donations - which will mean $140 for HAVA with our matching funds. Can you help us reach our goal?


Thank you,

Gail Friedlander