Gary Stamper a true politician of the people

By Lynnette Hoffman

Gary Stamper a true politician of the people

Gary Stamper

Lewis County Commissioner Gary Stamper has lived in Lewis County his entire life. He doesn't just like Lewis County. You can tell he loves Lewis County. From his life as a teacher and principal to now being one of three Lewis County Commissioners, Stamper is all about Lewis County and the people who live here.

Stamper graduated from Mossyrock High School and went to college at Pacific Lutheran University and Central Washington University where he earned his Masters in Education Administration. He returned to Mossyrock where he was a teacher, athletic director, and coach. He was a Principal at North Beach High School in Ocean Shores and then became Principal at White Pass High School. Stamper retired from education and began his career as a Lewis County Commissioner in 2014, winning his bid for re-election in 2018.

When you talk to Stamper, you can see his love for Lewis County. He looks forward to the future of Lewis County, where there is "continuous growth." Stamper said, "We have businesses who want to relocate to Lewis County. The Tourism industry is going great, and guns and lodging taxes have been up for the past three years."

It's more than obvious he is a Commissioner that serves the constituents of Lewis County. "The people of Lewis County are more like family," he said. "Many people have a connection to someone else in another city. That's the one thing I love about my job. I get to meet great people. I take great pride in our people in the county. I have been blessed to grow up in a county that still operates the way it should."

When Stamper isn't working as a County Commissioner, he is a grandfather to four grandchildren. He stated, "I spend any extra time with them."

Stamper continued, "I enjoy traveling. I am a Lewis County guy, we have everything here. We have mountains and lakes, all you have to do is step out your back door and your excursion begins. I enjoy what I do. It's a privilege to be able to serve the citizens of Lewis County.

Next time you see Commissioner Gary Stamper at a parade or event, stop and introduce yourself. He is a true politician of the people, something we see so rarely this day.