Grays Harbor Incident Reports 9.9.15

Suspicious person- 1:03pm
A female showed up to the caller's door stating that she was a cleaning lady and that she wanted to clean the caller's house. The caller provided a description of the woman.

Suspicious person- 2:52pm
The caller reported being followed by the same person several times, and that they don't know who the person is.

The caller reported seeing somebody entering a boarded up vacant house. The officer that responded reported all the doors and windows were secured and there was no sign of any squatters.
Noise complaint- 10:52am
A caller reported that their neighbors were in a verbal argument. It was determined upon further investigation that the reporting caller was the instigator of the incident.

Traffic hazard-
The reporting caller told of an individual that was on their hands and knees across the cross walk, and believed them to be intoxicated. When contacted, the person on their hands and knees gave their name, and an officer helped them home. It was later determined that the person had falsely identified themselves.

Suspicious person- 11:45pm
The caller complained that their ex-girlfriend was in possession of a number of his belongings, he listed a pair of skates, a longboard, and a duffle bag. When an officer responded, the mother of the ex-girlfriend cited that they had been having ongoing problems.

Suspicious circumstance-
The caller thought that someone was trying to get into their house by the door in the alley way. Once officers responded all they could see was a pitbull boxer mixed dog that sat in the doorway of the residence. The reporting caller advised that the dog was not hers, and it was determined that it was probably the dog that was scratching at the door.