Helping Hands in dire need of officers



SOUTH BEND – Willapa Harbor Helping Hands has helped numerous cancer victims on the harbor during its 10-year history, Now the all-volunteer organization based in South Bend is asking for a small favor.

Helping Hands has been relatively inactive since Labor Day because it needs people to take over three leadership roles, including treasurer, secretary (or vice president) and a public relations position.

Currently Barb Bolden is the president and Melody Halpin is the vice president. They have been in Helping Hands for nine and 10 years respectively.

I'm the only founder that is still active with the group, and Barb Bolden has been president for 9 of the 10 years,” Halpin told the Herald Sunday night.

We have several really good volunteers (about 50) and we appreciate everything that they do, but we really need someone to take over with our leadership positions,” Halpin said.

We really need to get more active with our fundraisers and we can't do that until we get these positions filled,” Halpin said. “We really need a treasurer.”

Without fundraisers, Helping Hands doesn't get a lot of money (except from donations), and consequently cancer victims aren't getting the assistance they used to get when the organization was operating at full strength.

One fundraiser that Halpin would like to see revived is “the makeover” fundraiser, which hasn't taken place for four or five years. That won't happen unless those three positions are filled.”

We're going to schedule a meeting (in the near future) to get enough people interested,” Halpin said.

We haven't had a really good fundraiser in quite some time,” Halpin said. “We only had bake sales and little things – nothing of grand proportions. We had a really good one over Labor Day.

We still get a lot of donations, but we've cut back and we're only helping people who are going through treatments; that's our main focus. We used to pay for rent and other (miscellaneous) things. We've cut way back. We're not in the hole, but we could get to that point. We're at the lowest level we've ever been at.

Right now our focus is to get people involved in officer's positions so that we can get meetings going,” Halpin said. “We need volunteers who want to take over to lead. Without that, I'm not sure about the future of Willapa Harbor Helping Hands. Hopefully, during this anniversary period we'll have something to celebrate.”

Helping Hands' primary mission is to assist local cancer patients in north Pacific County.

Helping Harbor Helping Hands conducts office hours Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Until officers are brought in, the monthly meetings are on hold.

Willapa Harbor Helping Hands is a local non-profit organization serving and helping support residents currently undergoing treatment for cancer.

For more information, call 875-5550. The office is located in South Bend at 428 West Robert Bush Drive near Ferry Street. The mailing address is PO Box 597, South Bend, WA, 98586.

In it's 10th anniversary year, a great gift for Helping Hands would be to function at full capacity the way it used to. Contact Helping Hands if you are interested in the officer's positions.