Holiday Mansion owners delight public with tours

By James Franklin

Holiday Mansion owners delight public with tours

"In 1961 a great thing happened in Aberdeen. The Lions Club sent the National Christmas tree to Washington D.C. This is a piece of that tree," Aberdeen Mansion owner Al Waters explained.

On Thursday, Dec. 15, Joan and Al Waters, owners of the beautiful Aberdeen Mansion, invited the public into their home as part a series of holiday tours. The house was first built in 1905 by Edward Hulbert and changed owners several times over the last century. In 2014 was added to the Aberdeen Historic Register.

Joan prides herself on keeping the house preserved and well maintained. While minor changes and upkeep are always part of homeownership, some of these rooms remain as they were originally in 1905.

With a vast knowledge of the history of the house and the Hulbert family, the tour highlights each room of the house, focusing on what each room was used for and any changes that occurred over the years.

Partnering with Greater Grays Harbor Inc. Joan and Al Waters host these tours for special occasions. An additional tour was held on Dec. 22 and one remaining tour this holiday season is scheduled for Dec. 29. More tours are expected to follow some time this summer.

The Herald encourages anyone with a love for history to attend future showings.