Introducing new intern to the Town Crier

By Jillian Fuss

Introducing new intern to the Town Crier

Jillian Fuss

My name is Jillian Fuss. I am the daughter to Shari and Jan Fuss. I came to the small school of Napavine at the age of nine. For leisurely activities, I spend my time writing, reading and on occasion I do makeup for our theatre club, homecomings and proms. I am known to be an ambitious student and a huge fanatic for school spirit.

At my school I have gone to volleyball, football and soccer games. I participate in track every year. I have been involved in our class for the past two years. I do my best to be present at any event our school hosts whether it is concerts, plays or games.

In my past summers I have spent some time white water rafting, traveling and boating. I have climbed Mt. St. Helens in Washington, Flat Top in Colorado, Mt. Frosty and Battle Mountain in British Columbia. In my latest experience I went to California and climbed Mt. Shasta. I believe my perseverance, motivational attitude and ideas of being present at every event can be drawn from these times spent outdoors.

Jillian will be writing articles for her school and events around the community of Napavine. Let's welcome her to the Town Crier team