It was a splash in Aberdeen

It was a splash in Aberdeen | splash

Families filled the stands to watch Cowboy Leapin' Louie during his first appearance at the Splash Festival, he managed to wrangle sixty feet of rope to the amazement of the crowd.

This year at the 2015 Splash Festival the Fourth of July weekend brought plenty of entertainment and excitement to the attending crowds. With the multitude of vendors on display the kids were treated to the antics of Cowboy Leapin' Louie and his comedy show as well as Louie Foxx the comic magician and Outlandish Bill Robinson. On the main music stage they heard the talent of The Rangers, Joe Ty and Highway 9 bringing their music to the event.

Morrison Park was filled with plenty for families to do, as well as the firework show that capped the night.

With the possible ban of aerial fireworks for residents of the city, a late special meeting held by the Aberdeen City Council determined to allow citizens to participate but promoted safety first as a motto.

As always the time during Splash is great family fun and gives an opportunity to get out to enjoy the summer in a safe and friendly environment and even catch a few fireworks.