Lewis County Fire District adds new team member

By Lynnette Hoffman

Lewis County Fire District adds new team member

Caity Hoye

Lewis County Fire District 5, also known as Napavine Fire Department has hired a new member of the team, Caity Hoye. She joins a few new staff members that comprise the team that serves the community of Napavine.

Caity is a Olympia High School graduate in 2012, she went to Central Washington University where we earned her Bachelor of Science in Paramedicine in 2019.

Caity worked as an EMT in Yakima County for American Medical Response (AMR). While finishing her studies, Caity worked for AMR in Centralia for 3 years. The year previous to being employed by Lewis County Fire District, she was on contract with AMR serving the Napavine area.

On May 17, 2020, Caity became a full time employee of Lewis County. She stated, "While working for AMR in Napavine, I fell in love with the community and the people." She said her biggest challenge is "when you do everything you can do and you know they are having one of their worst days. We are there just trying to make their worst day better."

Napavine is a unique community, they have 33% women in their full time staff and volunteers. Hoye stated "I didn't have one second thought about coming to Napavine." When talking with Caity, you can tell she truly loves her job. The smile and excitement when she talks is evident, she was made for this type of work. It takes a special person to a first responder, someone who can make the worst day better. Caity is one of those rare individuals.

Dan Mahoney, Chief of Lewis County Fire District stated, "I believe she is a great addition to the team. She is an accomplished paramedic with excellent skills. She is currently tasked with obtaining her fire accreditation requirements. When completed, she will be even a greater asset."

Caity was energetic, she is a great addition to a team that number one job is to take care of the citizens. A job she accepts with enthusiasm.