Lewis County seniors need our help

By Lindsey Giberson

Lewis County seniors need our help

Lewis County Seniors staff send a message to their seniors letting them know they still care even as the senior centers remain closed.

Since the start of the COVID-19 crisis in March, Lewis County Seniors (LCS) has been working tirelessly to provide access to quality meals for seniors across all of Lewis County. During the past 3.5 months, they have been providing seven frozen meals a week to over 600 seniors with the help of Twin Transit.

LCS staff had to increase production by nearly 600%. The emergency meal program is a 6 day a week operation utilizing all staff members from all the senior centers in the county. Early on, they realized to continue their mission, they would need more storage space than was at their disposal.

LCS has been utilizing a freezer truck generously donated by Sorenson Trucking Company and the kitchen and freezer space at Orin Smith Elementary and James W Lintott Elementary. It is now time for operations to move back to the Twin Cities Senior Center so the schools can prepare for the fall. Lewis County Seniors must also find another solution for freezer space.

LCS does not know when the program will go back to normal. Regulated by the Area Agency on Aging, staff is fully prepared to continue the emergency meal program for as long as it is needed.

The shutdown stopped all fundraising efforts and closed their thrift store in Chehalis. A Go Fund Me page can be found on Lewis County Seniors Facebook page to help raise funds to cover the freezer container being provided at cost by Dry Box Inc in Chehalis. Operating the freezer container costs $30 a day. Donations can also be mailed to Lewis County Seniors at 2545 N National, Chehalis, WA 98532

If you or someone you know is 60 years or older and would benefit from 7 frozen emergency meals a week, please call 1-855-581-9495. Meals are provided at no charge, but donations are appreciated.