Lowes Distribution Center opens in Winlock

By Lynnette Hoffman

Lowes Distribution Center opens in Winlock

Pictured from left to right: Peter Bayer - SVP Distribution; PUD Commissioner Michael Kelly; Lewis County Board of County Commissioner Dr. Lindsey Pollock; Hasina Davidson Senior Director Lowes Bulk Distribution; Washington State District 20 Legislator Pe

On Friday, November 5, 2021 at 11:00 a.m., Lowes Distribution Center in Winlock had their Grand Opening. The event started with speeches from the management at Lowes followed by pictures with various groups. After the pictures, there was a small buffet catered by The Rowdy Rooster.

Lowe's recently hired their warehouse staff, they stated they hired 86 employees and they are now full to capacity. The facility has approximately 1.2 million square feet, and will be servicing 30 Lowe's stores with a capacity of 66 by the end of 2022.

Peter Bayer, Senior Vice President spoke first, especially about where Winlock was, stating "For many of us, we did not know where Winlock was six or eight months ago. We do now and we are very appreciative of the great support we've gotten locally."

State Legislator Peter Abbarno was in attendance (he assisted with the grant for the PUD Substation) and stated, "Diverse economic development is essential for a successful community. I am glad to join state and local officials in supporting the creation of jobs and will continue to support balanced development and opportunity."

Commissioner Dr. Lindsey Pollock stated, "The opening of Lowe's provides an opportunity for job training of the future. Lewis County has a long history of producing workers with an understanding of machinery. As distribution technology moves forward, we can train and provide the skilled workforce needed to keep the supply chain moving. This is another 'can do' opportunity for Lewis County to develop a skilled labor, family-wage workforce."

Lowe's Distribution Center is located along Mickelsen Parkway, and the area will start seeing more trucks coming off the freeway. If you are coming up the hill, please be cautious. There may be a slow moving truck just on the other side of the hill and not enough time to stop. Until a turn lane can be funded and constructed, this could have a serious impact on this area of road. Please use caution!