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Marriage, a Recipe

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But I am immediately struck with the silliness of such resolutions, for there are real limitations to governmental jurisdiction. For instance, it is quite possible to pass legislation changing the timing of high tide, changing the tilt of the earth or adding an hour to the day (actually I would not mind that last one, who couldn't use another hour of sleep each night). While the words may look good on paper…implementation is the problem because, after all, they are just words. And marriage was not conceived (pun intended) in the state or federal legislature. It is a Judeo-Christian institution that's sanctioned by the Bible…good luck with trying to change that one.

But Marriage is more than just a word, it is a recipe.  And with all recipes there are strict instructions to be followed. Now too true, few it seems really follow the marriage recipe with much accuracy today. The proper recipe goes something like this: abstinence till after the wedding (why are you laughing?); Mutual commitment through thick and thin (yes through thin); wives respecting their husbands (no 'respect' is not spelled with four letters); Husbands loving your wives (if she doesn't 'feel' loved…you are not doing it right); and in time this unit, working together in concert, to produce children who will grow up to be responsible citizens and prosperous tax payers (I threw that last part in for our government officials).

With belligerence in your heart, you can say, "Let’s scrap the recipe!" Ok, fine, but one ought not expect the end results to turn out. Think about this, how has tampering with this basic recipe resulted in greater societal good or lasting happiness? Is the world a better place with free sex, shallow commitment, disrespectful bitter wives, disengaged unloving husbands, single parent homes?  What is sad is not only do we suffer for our poor decisions, but our children do as well.  In time, the error of our ways will be apparent, with numerous psychological studies, this simple truth will become obvious. That truth is this, the very best setting for raising children is where there is a stable/firm/loving father and a stable/nurturing/compassionate mother who are committed to not only their children but to one another. Sounds a bit like the Cleavers, no? But who wouldn't want to grow up in the Cleaver home? 

Marriage, it is a word but it is much more than simply a word, it is a recipe. It is a recipe that gives the strong impression that someone designed it. 1Man + 1Woman + a lot of other things (love, respect, commitment) = a rich blessed society.             

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