Mosquitoes beware! South Bend is getting ready

By Scot Pearson

Tentative dates for larvicide treatments focused at Mill Pond, the sewage treatment lagoons, sewage treatment plant aeration basins, the east Potter Slough area, and the drainage ditches behind the school and ball fields, which are scheduled for are May 4 & 18, June 1 & 15, June 29 & 30, July 13 & 27, August 10 & 24 and September 3, 7 and 21.

Fogging treatments will focus on all public areas. Fogging will use the active ingredient Permetrin with application times generally around sunset and sunrise during the most active times for the mosquito.

Citizens may opt out, but must call the City of South Bend at 875-5571 or visit the city website at and click on "Forms" under Online Services for the Mosquito Fogging Opt-Out Form, the form is an annual requirement and must be renewed each mosquito season.

During the presentation, it was also noted that the community takes a big role in assisting the abatement of the seasonal pest and can make a marked difference in the control of the mosquito.

To help reduce the spread of mosquitoes and the places that they breed, residents should dispose of open containers that can fill with water. Properly dispose of old tires, check and clean clogged roof gutters at least twice annually to ensure they drain properly. Keep toys picked up and out of the rain. The simple message is that if an item can hold water, it can attract and produce mosquitoes. A complete list of things you can do to assist in the effort is available at the South Bend City Hall.

To keep updated with the mosquito program, you can visit the new South Bend Facebook site - South Bend Mosquito Control.

In other business for the City of South and for those who were not on spring break, the council read two Ordinances, #1495 Amending & Updating of Comprehensive Plan, a second reading and, Ordinance # 1496 Flood Damage Prevention, first reading.

As like the city of Raymond announced last week, the new Dadtum structure is being applied in South Bend as well, but the city is keeping building heights at current standards. It was discussed that many homes may be removed from the current flood zone, which may reduce insurance for some home owners. It is recommended that residents contact their insurance companies and speak on two points, including the recent designation of the flood pain and the updated City Fire Protection rating.

During Council Comments, council member Pat Neve wanted to be put on record that she brought up the possibility of the city to look at moving away from plastic bags at local merchants; the way some other communities are doing. In a quick discussion, the idea did not get a lot of traction from other members of the council and even sparked a remark from the public gallery noting that they utilize their plastic bags for a million and one things.

Other comments were about the upcoming Labor Day celebration and how almost everything is taken care of except a person is needed to help run the Salmon Derby. The group working the Labor Day is also utilizing a Facebook page at Come and Play on Labor Day.

The next South Bend City Council meeting is scheduled for April 27, 5:30 pm.