Mrs. Harmer’s First Grade Class Chauncy Davis Elementary


Dear Santa,

I have been ghat. I heelt mi mom. I wot a DS. I wot Lagos. I wot a hlnkopter.

From Silas.

Hor yoo In the norpll.


Dear Santa,

One nice this I did this year. I have been good. I halp my mom clean and I halp my dad to. I halp my famolea. I have laft you coces to eat. I have ban nice.

To: Santa

From: Andrea.


Dear Santa,

1.First I will till you one nice thing I did this year. I help’t my mom clos the door. 2. I have been good. 3. I want a puppy a I.fone and a baby and clos. 4. I will giv you cuces and milk.

From Fatima to Santa.


Dear Santa,

One thin I did for my Bruthr I hlpt him. I am going to lev cooces for you Santa!.

From Brianna.


Dear Santa,

I help my Dad out sid wrk a lot. I was good this wec. I want some pokemon cards and cars. Tel the rander hi.

Thank you, Edgard.


Dear Santa,

I was good. I helpd gramu. I wish for Bablads. Have a nis day.



Dear Santa,

I halp my Bruthr. I was good. I want sum legos. How is froste the snowman going.

From Ronny.


Dear Santa,

One nice thing I did this year is help uthrs. I have been good. I makle a wish for a Liggo Blue Spidrman and Black Spidrman.

How is Jack Frost. I theck be is good.

From Dustin, I’m 7.


Dear Santa,

I want salt watr tank and brand new pokemon with chors. I was good.

Thank you, Nathan.


Dear Santa,

Can I pleaz hav Popin Coukin? Mak up? Moster hiu?

How are the rainder? How are the Elfs?

I love you,

Americin Dooll dresres?



Dear Santa,

I hold a door for my mom. I have behavd. Can I have a basbll.

From Braden.


Dear Santa,

I have ben god. I have help my mom klen my rom. Can I ples hav a Ipad and a robot and a toy Pekecoprs and the HL set and a ipad.

Say hi too the rander Santa. And hi to Misi Clos. Haw are the elfs.



Dear Santa,

One nice thing I did this year I halp my Dad put my bed. I have been good. I wish for a pac of pockemas and sum LaLaloopsy and a Brbee and Ipod.

I will lev cuces and miloc.

Love Mia.


Dear Santa,

I have pickt up my toys. I have been gud. I wish for a Lego set.

I love you Santa,



Dear Santa,

I did help my mom. I have been good. Will you bring me a DS, I will lev you millc and cooces.



Dear Santa,

One nice thing I did is being good this year. Make a wish: Dees, Cumpeooth, fon, Ipod, boock.

Have a nice day.