Murray’s Statement on Obama’s speech to address climate change

“I applaud the President for taking these important steps to help address climate change.  I have long called on the Administration to take action to curb the emission of carbon given the continued denial of the problem by some in Congress.  The President’s plan includes sensible policies that would dramatically reduce carbon emissions that fuel climate change—which is especially important for places like my home state of Washington, where we stand to lose so much from rising sea levels and increasingly severe storms.  We take the protection of our natural resources very seriously in the Pacific Northwest, and climate change is wreaking havoc on so much of what we treasure, including our forests, coasts, salmon habitats, and farmland.

“The President’s Climate Action Plan will help reduce the dangers posed to future generations of Washingtonians by carbon emissions, and I look forward to working with the Administration and my colleagues in Congress to continue to address climate change and create a comprehensive energy plan for our future.” 


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