Napavine Funtime offered great entertainment

By Lynnette Hoffman

Napavine Funtime offered great entertainment

Napavine Funtime fest Queen Keely

Napavine Funtime Festival went off without a hitch. The coronation crowned a new Queen, Ms. Keely and the parade went on without a problem. Napavine was filled with a large crowd as this year.

The parade in Napavine is always a lot of fun. This year at many of our local parades, our candidates are out vying for your vote. This parade was no different. Mayor Shawn O'Neill was in attendance for the day, he stated, "This was one of the best Funtime Festivals we've had in several years. Breakfast at Rebekah's Lodge started the day off, then the parade, car show and several new vendors kept the vibe going. Music has returned to the amphitheater which provided a chance to sit, have a drink and relax after a busy afternoon. I ended up in the dunk tank at the request of several kids at the Small Acts of Kindness concert. Great bands! We danced until midnight, then moved on to Frosty's. I didn't run into one person who wasn't having a great time!" Napavine was rocking the entire day!

Candidate Peter Abbarno, a parade participant stated, "Napavine has a great community energy and pride. That was very visible during the parade and the Funtime Festival events. It is an honor to work for this community in the State Legislature and continue to focus on quality investments in Napavine and Lewis County."

Jennifer Keely, new Queen stated, "I am happy to be in the parade."

Tracy Murphy, candidate for Sheriff and first time Napavine Parade participant stated, "It was great to see all the families coming out to enjoy the fun! I enjoyed meeting so many folks in our community."

There were military vehicles in the parade, Peter Lahmann, Centralia Port Commissioner was in one of his vehicles. It is always a treat to see how powerful our military equipment can be!

Napavine Assembly of God church had a bunch of Gator vehicles in the parade. Miss Lewis County was there, riding and smiling like she does so well.
By the afternoon, the live saw artwork was shaping up as was the car show and vendors showing off their goods. The concerts were new this year and seemed to be a big hit, they were organized by Small Acts of Kindness.

This is the last parade in south county for the summer. The festivals are not over though. We have the Southwest Washington Bluegrass Festival and Pickersfest coming to your area soon. We look forward to continued fun for everyone in south Lewis County!