Relay raises $41 grand; Co-chairs Silvernail, Rowlett passing the torch


Team RHS was the top money collecting team with $7,670.78. Shilo’s Pepsi was second with $5,825.57, and Family Ties was third at $4,005.10.

The top three people to gather money for the cause were Clarence Williams, $1,241; Betty Porter, $1,218.12; and Denise Rowlett, 1,098.50.

A total of six individuals qualified for the Grand Club for raising $1,000. Joining Williams, Porter and Rowlett in the Grand Club were Angela Silvernail ($1,069), Dianna Bolling ($1,008.55), and Sabrina Thatcher ($1,000).

Willapa Bay Relay for Life Co-Chairpersons Rowlett and Silvernail are stepping down from their positions. Rowlett has directed the event four of the past five years. Both Rowlett and Silverdale will continue to work be active participants with the Willapa Bay Relay for Life. “We’re both going to work with the RHS team,” Rowlett said.

“Our goal was to reach $45,000, so we’re a little short, but money’s still coming in,” Rowlett told the Herald. “People can still donate on the website ( The year runs through August and it may even go until December. I’m still waiting to find out (from the American Cancer Society (ACS)).”

Rowlett said that the event has been a little down the past few years compared to how it used to be.

“The last three years we’ve been down a little bit, but it’s been decreasingly down the past few years,” Rowlett said. “I think its economy driven.”

Rowlett said that one person is interested in taking over the event but needs a commitment to have more volunteers.

“The committee is calling for more volunteers,” Rowlett said, adding that volunteers could call her at 360-581-5249.

Rowlett asked for volunteers for next year’s relay or for those wishing to donate to help fight cancer, to please go to


“We want to thank the community for their continued support for Relay,” Rowlett said. “I feel that every Relay is a success for the same reason that the ACS does – getting money to help fight cancer with research. And, we need volunteers to do that. I want to really stress that volunteers are what’s going to keep it alive.” 

Rowlett said that this year’s Relay had a lot of good things going on for all ages, including kids. “It’s a lot of fun for the kids, but there’s stuff for everyone to do.”

There were a total of 16 teams, including the ones online to go with 186 participants. There were 10 teams present at the event, which took place two weekends ago at the Raymond HS track facility. Including online teams, there were a total of 16.


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