Rescued goats go on the lamb

By Tom Hicker

Rescued goats go on the lamb

The wildfires in Oregon spread with the speed of a tidal wave buffeted by wind gusts of 40-45 MPH. Many people had to evacuate before they could rescue their animals. Some were lost in the fires but there were those that were saved. Little did we know, due to the fires, rescue goats would be in Vader very soon.

Friends, neighbors, and even strangers in Oregon and outside of the state came to the rescue of horses, goats, and other animals. People offered up their property to total strangers, just to help their animals. This is a time when so many came to the aid of the people and animals of Oregon.

My daughter Julia and her husband Steve went from Vader to Salem Oregon to rescue nine goats. Not an easy thing to do during the wildfires. Upon their return, they put up temporary fencing to house all nine goats which were still experiencing the trauma from the fires. They also endured smoke and change of scenery 154 miles from the peaceful existence in which they were formerly accustomed.

The goats were visibly traumatized, so they escaped the next morning from their temporary enclosure and traveled toward Ryderwood. They were on the run; where they were going no one knew.

Well, someone posted on Facebook that a bunch of goats was walking down Highway 506. A second Facebook message said the goats were in someone's house. What? The goats had traveled down the road and decided to take up residency in a lady's house. All nine goats ran in through her front door. The lady of the house wisely opened the sliding glass doors in the back of her house, and the goats went into her fenced back yard. They decided that living in a house was not as much fun as they thought, the carpet was not edible.

Finally, Steve and Julia took their truck and trailer along with dog cages to the lady's home to round up those feisty goats. My daughter Julia, came home with bruises on both arms, kicked several times by the younger goats, and suffered a bite on her index finger. But, aside from that, the Re-Rescue was a success!