Schey elected Vader Mayor Pro-Tem

by Kennedi Collins

At 6:05 pm on January 28 the Vader City Council met for their second Council Meeting. During the roll call the Council decided that Ruth Crear's absence would be unexcused seeing how no one had heard from her. After the Roll Call and the Pledge of Allegiance the Council went into the time of The Mayor's Report.

In the Mayor's Report Mayor Kenneth Smith told the Council that the City Hall was going to be getting new carpet hopefully by the following week. He also notified the audience that they would need help moving cabinets and if anyone wanted to help they should contact City Hall. Continuing in his report he notified the people about the "Update on Income Survey." He claimed that this should be completed by the next council meeting.

Following the Mayor's Report it was brought to the attention of the Council that the presentation about the Baseball backstop being put into the park would have to be delayed because the presenter was not in the audience. During this time Councilwoman Judi Costello requested to add an item to the agenda about "Parking/City Hall." After these changes the Council could continue into the agenda.

When there was no public comment the Council quickly moved into the Agenda Items. The first topic of the night was the matter of "Council to discuss Invocation options." This topic brought up multiple discussions of whether the Church and State should stay separate or whether it was the original purpose of the government to have an invocation. After a heated discussion and many points to each side of the argument Councilwoman Costello made a motion to not have the prayer before the meeting. When there was no second the motion dropped. Following this Councilman Mark Fenison made a motion to seek out a Pastor to perform the prayer before the meetings. The motion received a second from Councilman Joe Schey but the motion also received two opposed from Councilman Andy Wilson and Councilwoman Costello. With this tie Mayor Smith would serve as a tie breaker and he voted for seeking out a pastor.

The next item on the agenda was for "Council to consider selection of Mayor Pro-Tem." Mayor Smith presented his nomination for Councilman Schey. Councilman Fenison made the motion to approve the nomination and with Councilwoman Costello's second, Councilman Schey was elected Mayor Pro-Tem.

For the third item the Council took to the matter of "Council to Consider Resolution 03-2016 - Amendment to Dept. of Ecology Loan Contract." after the Council discussed the background of the topic and explained the troubles they have had Councilman Wilson made the motion to approve Councilman Schey seconded and with all members in favor the motion passed.

Next on the agenda was the topics involving "CDBG Inflow and Infiltration Project." The first matter of this topic the Council had to look at was "Resolution 04-2016 - Amendment to Gibbs & Olson Contract for Engineering Services." Councilman Schey quickly made the motion to approve the Resolution Councilman Fenison seconded the motion and with no opposition the motion carried. The next topic under this category was "Council to consider approving the close out of Phase 2 of the Private Side Sewer Replacement Project contract for Nor Tec." At this time Councilwoman Costello made the motion to approve. Councilman Fenison seconded and again the motion carried unanimously.

The fifth item on the list was for the "Council to consider Carpet expenditure." With this the Council only needed to approve the check out when the work is done. Councilman Schey made the motion the payment and Councilwoman Costello seconded. With no opposition from the Council the motion carried.
For the next topic the Council was to set a date for a Public Hearing on the Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard. During this topic the Council agreed to have this Public Hearing at the next council meeting.

Next was the matter for "Council to discuss cross-walk at A Street and 7th Street (Hwy. 506)." The Council turned their attention to the old signs that Councilwoman Costello brought out. As the Council discussed what they would do they came to an agreement on having further research done.

The final item of the night was Councilwoman Costello's item about the Parking situations. She brought up the idea of trying to lease the parking lot that was owned by a person out of town. The Council began to discuss other options or possibilities before they came to an agreement of approving the research to explore these options.

With nothing further to address the City Council meeting moved to adjourn.