South Bend Council appreciates "extra effort" from city crews



SOUTH BEND - Well it was more like they talked about trash and the "extra effort" that crews have been providing during the recent uptake with windy weather.

Several of the South Bend City Council commented on the superior service they have been receiving as crews have been making the extra effort to make sure trash cans were secured prior to their departure, strapping down lids or even tucking them out of the way of windy conditions.

But that was at the end of the 28-minute meeting.

Just before the official start of the South Bend City Council meeting Monday night (Feb. 9), the conversation around the room was focused on the current plight of Raymond city water and the amount of phone calls city hall answered during the day. With separate water sources serving each city, South Bend was not experiencing the "Boil Your Water" advisory that started for Raymond residents first thing Monday morning. It was further noted by South Bend City Supervisor Dennis Houk that South Bend had been supplying Raymond with water since the late afternoon.

The first official agenda item was correspondence that had come through Mayor Julie Struck's office, which she brought to the attention of the council.

South Bend resident Tom Giacoma had written a letter to the city requesting pavement on a parking area just outside his residence. Mayor Struck penned her response to Giacoma's request and had it entered into the official record.

The crux of the mayor's response highlighted that she was aware of his desire to have the paving done...and notified him that the city is currently not in a position to pave the area.

It was pointed out that the area in question was once asphalt, but when city repairs were required the replacement was completed in gravel.

During discussion with the city council, all were in agreement that it was not a high priority for the city with the current projects and daily operations pulling tightly on the city coffers.

Resolution #2015-04 was passed dealing with the marking of city vehicles used for law enforcement. Washington State law allows unmarked police vehicles to operate, and this resolution provides the city with a direct resolution under the same scheme.

An update for a Mutual Aid Agreement between South Bend and Raymond Fire Departments was approved and Ordinance #1494 was passed into its second reading. The ordinance amends chapter 2.10 directly dealing with the city attorney and allowing the mayor to make time sensitive decisions without the need for city council approval.

"The intent is not to eliminate the city councils knowledge or input, but with the infrequent meeting times it will expedite the process when required," said Mayor Struck.

Discussion from the council members recalled that it use to operate in this fashion but was changed under previous administrations. The council was fine with it being reversed back to the way it used to operate.

There was some discussion about the upcoming mosquito season and the new plan of attack for this years crop, with the mayor speaking highly of a new approach and was eager to help spread the word to the community.

The next South Bend City Council meeting is scheduled for Feb. 23 at 5:30 pm.