Super Villains...Sometimes it's fun to be a little bad

By Scot Pearson

Some of the attending kids brought their own creativity to the Friday special event day where kids were encouraged to dress up as their favorite super villain. After they participated in the scavenger hunt that sent them all around the library to find numbered pictures of past and current villains of animation, books, movies and games, the kids had crafts, they could create special villain character necklaces, make their own villain mask, have a picture in a mock city…that they could destroy…and special villain themed treats.

Promoted as a fun way to participate because even with everyone having a hero, it is sometimes fun to be a little bad as well.

First place for the Villain Story Contest, Jennifer Griggs took the top $100 prize and Hailey Western was awarded second with $50. Two Honorable Mentions were also awarded for $25 each.

As the kids continued with the scheduled activities, one villain made his way to the mock city for a picture. Kal Phelps, 8, from Raymond sported his own costume and creation of “Kal Zombie”. Kal is out to create a zombie army out of as many victims as he can recruit.

He shoots them with a laser that makes people zombies. And is creating a Zombie army,” said Kal.

He stacked up the city blocks to create a scene and then stood dominating over his city, out for more victims for his Zombie Army.

The event was sponsored by the Willapa Heritage Foundation and Friends of the Library were on hand to make the presentations.

The Library is moving into its summer reading program and invites kids to stop on by after school lets out from June 11-14 for Summer Reading bags. LabARTory sessions are currently running every Wednesday, 11 am-4 pm, for a fun art project. LabARTory sessions will end as school comes around the corner, through mid-August.

Check with the library for their full summer schedule that includes plenty of Family Days and many fun activities.