Three sent to hospital after fight



Three sent to hospital after fight


Andrew Franklin Carey, 31, was arrested for Assault in the Second Degree and Burglary in the First Degree last Wednesday night after a would-be burglary turned into a near-death fight and stabbing. Carey’s bail was set at $250,000.

Raymond Police responded to an assault in progress at 2:35 p.m. at 424 Second St. in Raymond. Assisting on the incident were the South Bend and Shoalwater Bay police departments.

The two other subjects that went to the residence along with Carey were Terry Carey, 61, and Patrick Carey, 28.

As a result of the attack, three men were sent to the hospital, including two of the alleged intruders and the person who lived at the residence, who was bludgeoned. Two of the alleged intruders went to Willapa Harbor Hospital, according to police and then were transferred to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, one by airlift, the other by ambulance.

Patrick and Terry were stabbed in the abdomen. Scott was transferred to Willapa Harbor Hospital by the RFD for head trauma and then sent to Harborview.

Dispatch received the call from the 19-year-old man (Tyler Reeves) saying that his 29-year-old friend (Dustin Scott) had been hurt (knocked out unconscious after being hit in the head with the bottom part of a heavy lamp). Reeves told police that he stabbed the two men in self-defense in the abdomen, who fled the scene. The Raymond Fire Department (RFD) treated Reeves for a laceration to his hand.

“It was a very serious situation and a very chaotic scene,” Raymond Police Chief Chuck Spoor told the Herald. “It certainly could have ended up a lot worse. Somebody could have lost their life. Immediately following the altercation, they fled the scene and went to Willapa Harbor Hospital.  There was a beef the day before between Andrew and Scott.”

Reeves told police that the three men forced their way into the apartment. “They forced their way in,” Spoor said. “After allegedly being beaten in the head with the bottom part of a heavy lamp, he (Scott) was left unconscious. Reeves said he had stabbed two of the subjects with a large dagger (9 inches in length) in defense of himself. Scott was bludgeoned and Reeves had lacerations.”

As of Monday afternoon, both of the Careys were listed in satisfactory condition.

Andrew Carey was staying at the residence on an “off and on” basis, according to Chief Spoor. Carey and his brother and father went to the apartment to get some of his belongings when the fight erupted over a missing can of soup.

“Additional charges may be forthcoming as the investigation continues on,’ Spoor said.