Vader receives comments about Little Falls

by Kennedi Collins

Vader receives comments about Little Falls

At 6:02 pm on October 22, the Vader City Council Meeting began with full attendance. After the call to order and roll call, Councilman Mark Fenison said the prayer for the meeting and Councilman Andy Wilson led the flag salute. After the formalities, the council started the items of the agenda.

The first item of the night was the Mayor's reports. Under Mayor Kenneth Smith's reports, he reminded everyone of the Fire Department's request to avoid parking in the gravel lot across the street. The next topic he addressed was the "Beginning Phase 2 of Private Side-sewer Project." His last topic of his report,

Mayor Smith notified the room of the public hearings coming up. The public hearings include: "Nov. 12th at Council Meeting re: Property Tax Levy Rates for 2016." Another public hearing that will be coming up is "Nov. 16th at 6:30 pm re: Marijuana Regulations." With the conclusion of the Mayor's Report, the council moved into the next topic. Next on the agenda was the Agenda Approval, Minutes Approval, and Voucher Approval. Once all of these were approved, the floor was open to public comment.

Under public comment, three speakers were signed up. The first speaker asked the council about the sewer situations that are underway. The council notified him that only options had been addressed and no decisions had been made. Mayor Smith told the speaker that he would be happy to share any information on the project with him at City Hall at any time. The next speaker came to the microphone to address the topic of the name change of the town. In her presentation, she told the audience of her mail test she had done. She discussed how she had tested the mail by addressing the states differently but kept the zip code of the city the same. This test was for the matter of the name change between Vader and Little Falls. In her testing, she reported that only one letter had not returned to her. After the conclusion of her topic of the mail test, she made the point of thinking that Little Falls would be better for the town. As her three minutes finished, she returned to her seat and the third speaker came forward to the podium. The third speaker presented his want for the name change to Little Falls.

In his time, he told the council he would be willing to do whatever it took to help the tasks of the name change that he believed would help revive the heritage to the town.

Moving onto City Business, the council went into an executive session. After a fifteen minute executive session, the council returned to their seats and immediately began their discussion of the second agenda item. The item to be addressed was for the "council to consider Ordinance 2015-10 - Street Vacate Procedures. "After the reading of this ordinance, Councilmen Kevin Flynn made a motion to approve. After the motion was made Councilmen Justin Olson seconded. With no opposition the council moved into the third agenda item.

The next item was the discussion of "Recommendation for Planning Committee Assignment." With the one remaining vacancy Mayor Smith found a recommendation for this vacancy. After presenting John Farmen to the rest of the council, Flynn moved to approve this man's seat on the committee. Councilmen Mark Fenison seconded the motion and with no opposition the motion carried. The swearing in of the new member with be November 12th.

The fourth and final item on the night's agenda was the "Update on Meter Read Agreement with Lewis County." Prior to the meeting the reading had been approved by the Public Works Director. With the conclusion of this topic, the meeting was adjourned at 6:55 PM. Vader's next city council meeting will be Thursday, November 12th at 6 pm.