WIN takes public input on draft strategic plan

WIN takes public input on draft strategic plan

Johanna Jones

Winlock Improvement Network (WIN) held a successful strategic plan workshop on Saturday, Feb. 11, which was facilitated by Johanna Jones. Jones is a professional facilitator who donated her skills and time to our community. Her background includes work for credit unions and creation of strategic plans for the City of DuPont and various nonprofits, including Vision: Toledo. She currently lives in Toledo and is treasurer for both Vision: Toledo and the Toledo Library.

Jones expressed her gratitude and admiration to the community and WIN for taking a Saturday to work on a strategic plan.

"It's wonderful to work with such a committed group whose goal is to bring the whole community together to improve the quality of life for everyone," Jones stated. "We have all seen rural towns struggle since the downturn in the economy, and it's not an easy fix nor just one issue to tackle. For those towns that have pulled through and ultimately succeeded, the answer has been in their people pooling their talents and skills with everyone cooperating on a grassroots level."

"The purpose of the workshop was to ascertain from the attendees WIN's current mission statement, vision statement, priority goals and objectives," Cheri J. Mitchell, president of WIN, explained. "Although the workshop focused on WIN's goals and objectives, WIN invited the community to the workshop for their input because WIN wants to work with the city and local organizations toward goals and objectives, not against them."

"It was agreed at the workshop that 'Winlock is a vibrant and welcoming village working together for the good of the whole community,' Mitchell concluded. "The draft of the strategic plan has been received and additions and corrections are being made. The plan will be made public when complete."