Winlock business owner passes; leaves a void in the community

By Lynnette Hoffman

Winlock business owner passes;  leaves a void in the community

Suzanne Smith owner of Grinders

This week Winlock lost a business owner and friend, Suzanne Smith owner of Grinders for the past 22 years. She passed away on Wednesday, October 30, 2019 in Centralia Washington.

For many, Suzanne was how they started their day. She would fill everyone up with a morning coffee drink, hot or cold. She had a beautiful smile and when you drove up to her window, you were guaranteed to get a smile. She was always happy to see her customers, she made a point of knowing everyone's favorite drink. If you changed it up, she would always ask which drink today.

Suzanne was loved by many in the community, the posting of her passing on Facebook was full of comments.

Christine Fredericks-Collins: "Suzanne was a great asset to this community. She will be missed dearly." Suzanne was an asset, she would drive every day from PeEll, just to make sure we all had our morning drinks to get our day going.

Trynity Manning: "This breaks my heart, Suzanne was amazing. I will miss our wonderful heart-to-hearts we had while waiting on my coffee." Suzanne always took the time to chat, she wanted to know what was going on in your life, how your family was and what you were up to that day. She never let you leave without making sure you were happy with your drink and that you had a smile on your face.

Dustee Alvord: "You will be so dearly missed! No matter how long I went without seeing you or how old I got, you always remember me and what I drank. Such a perfect lady gone." That was the feeling of so many, a perfect lady gone, an icon in the community and a supporter of every business. Suzanna will be missed.

Denise Ranalio-Berger, Owner of Bark Avenue: "She was an angel from God, be at peace my beautiful friend, I love you. We will meet again." Suzanne was a strong Christian, she treated everyone with the same love that she saw in Jesus Christ.

On Friday evening, November 1, the community showed their support for this beautiful lady. Approximately 70 people showed up with candles to remember Suzanne. She will be missed by all of us, for one reason or another.

Suzanne was an avid crafter and loved flowers, she always had a little craft she was working on in her stand.

Suzanne was born on December 1, 1946 to Harold and Jean Hilton. She graduated from Lake Washington High School in Kirkland Washington and worked in downtown Seattle in her younger years. Suzanne is survived by her daughter Kim, son in law Tom, six grandchildren and four great grandchildren. Suzanne also had one brother and three sisters. She was preceded in death by her son Christopher and her parents. A Celebration of Life will be announced later.