Winlock Community Garden adds orchard

by Taylor Tait

Winlock Community  Garden adds orchard

Volunteers planting fruit trees in the Winlock community garden.

On Saturday, November 2, the community gathered to plant the Winlock Community orchard to add to the garden at Winlock High School. People from all over town joined together to plant trees for the orchard. Mary Lewin (the "permaculture designer" or garden architect of the project) has big plans for the garden.

The current design depicts pathways, archways, and actual farm crop areas. Saturday was a great step in the right direction. Students led by Lisa Collins started the initial garden planted last school year after idea of providing fresh food for students who may not have enough to meet their needs surfaced. Now it is truly beginning to develop into a beautiful garden and gathering place it was meant to be.

In addition to Alicia Spalding from Nature Nurture Farmacies, James Landreth from the Methodist Church is providing his efforts. Landreth is helping plant "food forests" at churches all across Washington State. Mary Lewin states, "I feel really privileged to be involved in such a transformative project." Apparently, she's not the only one. Students young and old as well as many community members support this project and have tended to the garden over its first months.

Some families and individuals sponsored trees to be planted, providing the resources necessary to get the tree and transport it to the garden. However, even with these donors, the garden still needs many supplies that they wish to obtain through donations and sponsors. They will appreciate any help they can get for this worthy cause. If you're interested in contributing please contact Alicia Spalding through