Winlock Historical Museum expands its collection

By Lynnette Hoffman

Winlock Historical Museum expands its collection

Photo by Lynnette Hoffman - The Winlock Historical Museum

The Winlock Historical Museum had successfully raised enough money to buy some of the items from the Roy Richards Estate. When Roy passed away, there were many items in the Renegade Rooster that many wanted to see displayed in the Winlock Historical Museum.

The Winlock Historical Museum was able to raise enough money to complete a transaction with the estate of Roy Richards for the purchase of items in his collection related to the history of the community of Winlock. During the month of October the members of the Winlock Historical Board moved files, photos, and many other artifacts from Roy's Renegade Rooster museum.

Some articles are now being sorted, cleaned, and organized in the Winlock Historical Museum, located in the old Fire Hall in downtown Winlock. Other items are stored, awaiting additional space for display--the next challenge of the museum.

The museum board believes that these purchases have saved important history. Donations have helped make it possible to promote and preserve Winlock's heritage for future generations. Many in the community are excited to see the purchases.

The Winlock Historical Museum board wished to thank the community for the generous donations to our fund-raising program conducted during the summer months.