Winlock Middle School gains energetic new teacher

By Lynnette Hoffman

Winlock Middle School gains energetic new teacher

Faye Benton

Winlock Middle School has a new teacher, Faye Benton who just finished her teaching degree and Winlock was lucky to get her.

Faye is originally from Aberdeen, where she graduated in 2006. When you sit down with Faye, you can tell she has always taken delight in school, she stated, "I really enjoyed school. I always liked to learn and play sports. It's part of trying to better myself." Faye has an energy that her students will love.

She attended college at Western Washington University where she studied biochemistry and organic chemistry. Her time at Western gave her a sense of community.

"Being involved in the science community at Western Washington University, which was a community of scientists with zero political agendas, it was very refreshing," Faye stated.

Faye knew she wanted to see the world, she continued, "Living in Aberdeen, I wanted to see all aspects of people and their lives. I wanted to see what the world has to offer." She decided on a little adventure and went to work volunteering with an organic farmers organization in Hawaii. They farmed on Oahu and the Big Island of Hawaii, anything from Kale to Coffee. "I learned the importance of volunteering and being a part of the community. That's why I was excited to come to Winlock and be a part of the community," Faye continued.

She also spent time on a Merchant Marine ship, sailing around the world with her brother. Faye has seen the world and now she is ready to help our students learn.

She decided on Winlock because "I really appreciated the sense of community and I noticed they have a community garden and a career training program. I wanted a small school where I could bond with my students and parents," Faye stated.

While Faye is young, she will bring new ideas to teaching math. She continued, "I want to break down barriers of math programs. In Math, it's important to have the students as well as the parents involved, we can succeed together." She is going to make learning math fun!

Faye is married to Tim and they have a 1 ½-year-old son. Their hobbies include hiking, gardening, reading and cooking, and of course travel.

If you haven't had the opportunity to meet Mrs. Benton yet, please do. Her excitement and enthusiasm will serve her students well!