Winlock News 06.04.14

Lynnette Hoffman

At the end of May, we always celebrate Memorial Day. My family always does a BBQ, we of course have smores as well. This year I did not make it to my Grandmothers grave on Memorial Day since she lived in Seattle but I did make it a few days later. There is nothing like knowing you have had someone in your life that meant so much to you. She passed away in 2000 and I have tried to each year around Memorial Day take flowers to her. I have started these past few years of taking flowers from my own yard; I know she would be proud that I took the time and effort to grow them. During Memorial Day we also pay tribute to our Veterans. There are not many Veterans left from World War II but I am so thankful to then for servicing our country. Lately I have also been watching the history channel’s story on the World of Wars and what those men endured is more than any of us could have imagined. The Veterans that are alive of wars past deserve every ounce of thanks we can give them. There were many Veterans of the Vietnam era that were not given the respect they deserved. My Uncle served in the Vietnam War and it continues to effect him to this day. He was a medic during the war and the stories he has told me I just can’t imagine. It’s because of our Veterans that we have the right to say what we want. We may not always agree with what is said but the most important part is that we have the right to say it!! Thank you to every Veteran there is, you have given us our freedom and for that we are forever thankful!

The next few articles I will be reminding everyone of the big Egg Day event coming up in June. Every one in the community is looking forward to the day. Start of the morning by having breakfast either at the Community Center or the Senior Center. The proceeds will help different groups in Winlock and that is the basis for what Egg Day is. The parade is also a delight because you get to see so many people and then of course don’t forget those delicious egg salad sandwiches. If your group is doing an event for Egg Day, please let me know and I will include it in the activities.

With the school year ending, remember that the Winlock Timberland Regional Library has many events to help keep you and your children busy. I remember as a youngster living in downtown Winlock and going to the library to pick up books to read with my friends. They had a program where if you read 10 books, you could mark it off and they would put your name up. It was so much fun and I would read as many books as I could. Don’t forget that reading is the most important thing you can teach your children.


Winlock Timberland Regional Library has their Page Turners Discussion for adults from 12:30 – 1:30 p.m. on Friday. The book is The Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker.

The Winlock Senior Center is having their potato bar on Friday, it was not Sunday as put in last week. Then the Lions Club is having a Bingo night on June 11 at 6:30 p.m. located at the Winlock Community Center. The buy is for each card is $5.00 and food will be available for purchase.

Please continue to support the Community Center and don’t forget if you have an activity you want to enjoy in Winlock the Community Center is now set up for everyone in Winlock to enjoy not just those living in the city limits.