Winlock revitalization movement

by Nolan Patching

The Winlock Improvement Network is a group consisting of many Winlock citizens from various groups and organizations in the town. City council members, Lions and Lioness Club members, police officers, and various other clubs, groups, and organization are represented.

All of these people meet with one common goal: revitalizing the city and community with involvement from all of the community. WIN, the acronym for the new group, was created around the start of the New Year. The last meeting was held at Guadalajara Restaurant at 6:00 PM on February 23rd.

The meeting began with introductions of members and all in attendance. The meeting then proceeded to business. One interesting fact that was brought up was when the public relations committee said shoppers who enter WIN as a nonprofit with Amazon Smile or Fred Meyer would see a portion of their purchase go to the organization.

Louise Winder was also appointed the temporary treasurer for the group until a permanent replacement was found.

In an interview with city council member Holly Orbino, a member of the Winlock Improvement Network, she told the Town Crier that the Winlock Improvement Network's main focus is to bring jobs and new businesses into the city, specifically downtown.

The group was created to help the citizens of Winlock with great ideas. Many people turned out to help the community.

At the last meeting, there was about thirty people and more are expected to turn out as the group continues to expand.

The president of the group, Fred Terry, graduated from Winlock. He, along with many of the members, have either graduated from Winlock High School or are long time citizens.

WIN meets every other Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. at Guadalajara.