Winlock Vader Food Bank fundraiser

By Paul Jungclaus

Winlock Vader Food Bank fundraiser

A Friday morning welcome from the Rowdy Rooster.

The Rowdy Rooster Thrift Store and Deli located at 503 NE 1st St next to the Winlock Hardware store in Winlock is having a fundraiser. To participate, you can purchase raffle tickets for $2 or three for $5. The grand prize is a brand new 50" flat screen T.V. donated by an anonymous local donor. All of the proceeds from the fundraiser will go toward buying food for the Winlock Vader Food Bank. The Rowdy Rooster does more than just raise money though.

Along with providing people with a place to have their breakfast and morning coffee, a sandwich and bowl of soup for lunch, or low prices from the thrift store, the Rowdy Rooster Thrift Store and Deli provides residents with something productive and fulfilling to spend their days doing. Everyone working at the Thrift Store and Deli is there on their own time as a volunteer.

Starting with Marilynn Williams, who understands the necessity of work. As a younger person, Marilynn wanted her own restaurant. With the Deli she got what she wanted by taking on the role of day to day operating manager - all of the headaches but none of the debt. She is there Monday through Friday and some Saturdays. Most days she is there for nine or more hours. She gets the responsibility of cooking, baking, keeping food stocked by personally shopping at least once a week, hiring/recruiting new volunteers, managing the volunteers, and honestly, there is much more, but she was too humble to mention all of it.

Another great volunteer is Theresa Mars, who is Marilynn's right-hand lady. Although if you are around them long enough, you will notice who the real boss is. Theresa is not shy when it comes to letting Marilynn know what she needs to do. As one of the Deli volunteers who has been around the longest Theresa has gotten to know the right way of doing things. So, if you start volunteering and Theresa tells you what to do just say "Don't tell me what to do" with a kind smile. She will laugh and then you will do what she told you to do."

Also, in the picture taken Friday morning minutes after opening, is Phil Paduano who works the cash register a few days a week along with a few unseen duties.

Unlike Theresa, Phil will never tell you what to do. He is an extremely kind man, not that Theresa isn't kind, but you can hear kindness and the love Phil has for life in his voice.

A few years ago, Chuck Sooner organized the Rowdy Rooster Thrift Store and Deli to fund the Winlock Vader Food Bank; this is why all of the employees are volunteers. With 63 people being counted as volunteers each of them understands how important it is to give of themselves. Serving others will soften your spirit and give you a greater appreciation for life.

Now, not everyone has the time to serve currently, but there are more ways to help than you know. Just by donating items to the thrift store you can help.

Donating items to the food bank is a big help too. Items like deodorant, toilet paper, floss, toothbrushes, and toothpaste can always be used. And of course, the biggest help is donated money because what the Food Bank is running out of can be immediately purchased. However, with the current fundraiser donating money can also bring a new flat screen into your home. So, please help the community and invest some time at the Rowdy Rooster Thrift Store and Deli either as a volunteer or a customer. Your time will be greatly appreciated by more than just you.