A Glance at the Past 11-12-14

The specimens left at this office yesterday show a clean hard quality of coal, and people who have inspected the bed are of the opinion that the entire hill is one big coal deposit.

"Drys" win in Chinook

The great exciting battle for state-wide was fought and won by the prohis last Tuesday by a majority of 32 votes out of a total of 196 cast, the figures for this measure being: "For 99; against who believed there would be at least 150 for adoption, considering the extensive work done by the Prohi, forces and the money spent for speakers and advertising by capitalists in outside states.

50 years ago from the Raymond Herald

November 5, 1964

Four arrested on warrants

Four men were arrested on bench warrants issued by Police Judge Robert A. Hannan this week and hauled back into court on charges of failure to comply with court orders. The four, Hurl Jones, 26, Gene Loftus, 19, Frank Stepp, 58, and Harry Simonson, 63, had been found guilty of various charges in police court and had failed to pay fines as agreed. Three of them, Loftus, Jones and Stepp elected to put in jail time in lieu of paying fines. Loftus is serving 31 days, Jones 22 days, and Stepp 24 days, Simonson was jailed for two days and is paying a $340 fine.

Bow hunters kill 35 deer on island

Willapa Wildlife Refuge manager Robert J. Houser said this week that 155 archers bagged 35 deer, 20 does and 15 bucks, during the either sex bow hunting season on Long Island.

Houser said the total hours hunted were 2,237, an average of 14 hours per hunter, and an average of 14 hours per hunter, and an average of 64 ours per deer taken.

25 years ago from the Willapa Harbor Herald

November 15, 1989

New school for dropouts to open in January

With the start of a new year will come a new type of school for up to 60 failing high school students and dropouts.

CLOC, the Community Learning Opportunity Center has been funded with $125,180 from three agencies to operate through next June 30. Officials of the Valley, South Bend and Raymond school districts are scouring the area for a place to place the school.

School buses pfft, new ones on way

While the Raymond volleyballers came back with an impressive placing at state, the school bus service ended up 0-2.

Raymond Superintendent Chuck Hall said that the 1970 school bus that the team started out in had consistently been a reliable one.

"It's a good running bus, it's given us good service," he said. But, the engine started rattling by Federal Way, and the substitute bus driver thought it was a U-bolt.

Ranking of prison sites is due soon

A ranking of possible sites for the prison work camp may completed by the state before Thanksgiving, an official said. Tom Rolfs, assistant director of Command C, Department of Corrections, said he wasn't sure he could meet that goal, but that he has so far received completed paperwork from five counties. The areas were in Pacific, Walla Walla, Columbia, Clallam and Okanogan. A sixth county has indicated it will submit information, Rolfs Said.