A Glance at the Past

100 years ago from the Raymond Herald

January 15, 1915

New trial ordered in conspiracy case

Word reached this cuty Wednesday morning that the State Supreme Court had reversed the lower court in the case of State vs. Martin C. Welsh and J.W. Jackson, commonly known as the "Conspiracy Case," and had remanded the case back for retail on three of the twenty one errors alleged in the appeal, other errors assigned were not discussed by the court, who held that it was unnecessary in view of the fact that they were not likely to recur in another trial, and the three prejudicial errors discussed were ample sufficient to warrant reversal of the case.

Store burglarized

Last Saturday morning the local police were notified that a burglary had taken place the previous night at the store of the Raymond Furniture Company, owned by Kuhn and Cooper, on First street.

According to the proprietors, the safe contained $3100 in currency, which was taken. No clue was found on investigation, as the safe had not been forced, and it is believed that it had either been unlocked or that the thieves were able to work the combination.

50 years ago from the Raymond Herald

January 9, 1964

Blisters and aches fade, trees remain

Twenty-four members of the community braved rain and hard going last weekend to plant monuments to their interest in the community.

They placed 8,000 tree on the city's Butte Creek watershed. The land had been denuded by the big Columbus Day windstorm 5 months ago, and logged off the last summer.

Woman jailed on liquor charge

A Raymond housewife is spending 30 days in county jail in lieu of a $100 fine and two army men have posted $50 each on liquor violation charges in Raymond this week.

Police arrested Mrs. Nettie Gile, 50, and charged her with furnishing liquor to minors. She was found guilty in Police Judge Robert A. Hannan's court on January 4.

25 years ago from the Willapa Harbor Herald

January 117, 1990

Things could only get better, but they didn't

A Raymond woman who took action because of desperate circumstances last week saw things take a turn for the worse as a result. Faced with eviction from her Raymond apartment, Michelle Y. Madrid put all her belongings into an empty Raymond mini Storage locker without asking permission, and then padlocked it, according to police.

She'd tried calling the mini storage manager, but got an answering machine.

Then, the renter of the locker, a Raymond man police did not identify, found it full and padlocked. He called the owner of the mini storage, and was advised to take the items to the Pennywise Thrift Shop, said Raymond Police Officer Steve Eastham.

PUD crew rally to get power back on

Local police and the sheriff's office had a few problems during the recent spat of storms, but PUD employees worked around the clock, reconnecting area power.

Doug Miller, PUD Chief pf engineering and operations manager, said the first calls from persons without power began coming in around 4pm on Saturday, January 6.

Outages were later reported in South Bend, Raymond and the Valley area.

The PUD was also called south to the Nemah area January 9 when a cave-in cut traffic along US 101 to one lane forcing power to be shut off while repairs began.