Apology for outburst

Dennis Korpi

To the Editor:

At our last council meeting, there was a heated discussion.

I contended the city didn't follow it's own licensed engineer & council approved Ordinance on Design standards for the waterline project.

Our water Supt. agreed that the city's standards were not followed & our Mayor agreed to allow the standards to be broken, even though he took an oath of office to uphold/enforce our City's laws.

A minimum of 21 issues are outside our standards on the only 5 lines installed since Nov. of 2011, that were installed in Dec. of 2012, under the direction of the Mayor.

By not abiding by our own standards, it may open the door for future installations by anyone to not have to follow our standards, nor could we enforce the same.

I became frustrated with the lackadaisical attitude of our water Supt., Mayor & 3 councilors about not obeying our Ordinance and I raised my voice at our Mayor.

The outburst was unprofessional of me & my position as a councilor.

I apologize to the audience & my fellow councilors for my behavior.

Dennis Korpi

Winlock councilor