Dennis Family Extends Heartfelt Thanks to Community

Our family would like to say thank you to the hundreds of people that have reached out to us with the recent death of my wife and her battle with cancer she lost.

Thank you for the flowers, the cards, the prayers, warm thoughts, and the thousands of dollars donated to Helping Hands and HAVA in memory of Amy.

From the very first day my wife started her fight against cancer we knew it just wasn't us against her cancer, but it was us and the communities we live in against her cancer. The support we have been shown as a family before and after her funeral has been amazing. We feel truly blessed to live in such an area where your neighbors, friends, and co-workers all come together to show you their support and how much they care.

Many people can't find the correct words to say, but please know there really are not any wrong or right words; sometimes just a smile and hug is enough.

From the Dennis Family to the communities that we live in, thanks so much for all your support, it is greatly appreciated and felt.


The Randy Dennis Family