Federal Officials are Out of Touch with Reality

ron craig


It appears we are now back to pre-911 in failed government planning and coordination between the FBI-CIA, and other “government intelligence” sources when it comes to sharing and dealing with terrorists. Twice the Russians told the Obama Administration we had a terrorist cell, yet they took no action. If it had not been for the Boston area citizens and local police identifying and catching these two terrorists, their next stop was New York Times Square, with 10 explosive devices found in their residence. 

But let’s not just blame the Obama Administration, what was Congress doing? Well…trying to take away our guns through the excuse of registering all guns for our safety, and of course immigration reform, both being championed by the brilliant Senators Schumer and McCain, and many other fools. How would you like to be ordered to secure in your home when a terrorist is loose in your neighborhood; but you had no weapons to protect your family, because the Obama Administration took them away for “your safety”. 

This just confirms that the majority of our elected federal officials are out of touch with reality. They are more interested in getting money and votes, than protecting our freedom and security.

Do you feel Obama and the majority of Senators and Congress have your back? I believe the American people have voted…try purchasing a gun or ammunition; they are not available.

For sure I don’t believe Obama will act to protect our safety in an attack, it will be another Benghazi. He said on August 20, 2013, his “red line” for action was if Syria used chemical weapons. On April 26, 2013, it was confirmed by blood tests that Sarin gas was used in Syria. But…Obama then said on April 26, 2013, that he has no “on or off switch” that would trigger his action if chemical weapons were used, this would require a lot of study, it’s very complicated. 

What message does this send to our enemies…yes; we have a wimp as a president, and a terrorist apologist. 

Protect your family.


Ron Craig,

South Bend, Wash.


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