GHC Honor Roll

 Students earning between 3.5 and 4.0 grade-point averages for at least 12 credits in college-level courses.

Receiving perfect 4.0 gpa’s are Bruce Bailey of Ocean Park; Van Redding of Menlo; and Jeremy Greenfield, Jerry Jarvi, Michael Kanavan, Matthew Lewis and Christina Riggs-Johnson, all of Raymond. 

The GHC honor roster also includes Pacific County students receiving 3.5-3.9 grade-point averages, listing Raymond students Mary Cooley, Emily Graves, Jessica Jackson, Maleah Dant, Erin Boone, Kelsey Forsman, Whitney Buck and Ronald Flemetis, all of Raymond; Charles Hamlin and Lisa Manlow, both of South Bend; Julie Dickinson of Ocean City; Chelcie Bailey of Ocean Park; and  Karmon Hymes of Long Beach.