Grand Opening brings in new customers

The parking lot out at the Growers Outlet was very busy as locals and travelers stopped in for the official Grand Opening for the latest Recreational Marijuana Store in South Bend.

The store was offering grand opening specials that brought many new customers to the location.

"It has been a great day for us here at Growers Outlet," said owner Andrew Tessier, who had little time to stop and chat with his doors acting more like a revolving door with the customers dropping by to see what the marijuana shop had to offer.

Customers were happy with what they found at the new location with plenty of strains to choose from and a knowledgeable staff on hand to educate the savvy consumer answering any of the questions that they may have about their products or about the industry.

Shoppers at Growers Outlet are sharing their reviews of the store and product at the Growers Outlet Facebook page where it is all positive for this new outlet of recreational marijuana. Even though some say it is a little hard to find, once people locate the store, they are thankful that it is a little tucked away to give additional privacy for those curious shoppers, but wanting to remain a little anonymous in with the latest industry going mainstream; and even tout that this may be the best store in the state.