Green steps down from Winlock City Council

Stephen Floyd

A second City Council member in South Lewis County has resigned, this time in Winlock.

City Hall reports former council member Denise Green stepped down from her position on Tuesday, leaving a brief note with the city clerk simply stating, "I resign."

While Green has not elaborated on her decision to leave the council, she had expressed frustration during Monday night's council meeting that she had been the subject of recent attacks on her character by those opposing a committee to revitalize Winlock, which Green had led along with resident Connie Sneed.

Mayor Lonnie J. Dowell said he has yet to follow up personally with Green and does not know himself her reasons for leaving, but has said he regards Green as an asset to the community.

Green's husband, Jeff Green, also resigned from the Planning Commission the same day, stating in an email the decision was "due to recent activity that I find extremely distasteful and truly disappointing."

Winlock must now fill the position vacated by Denise Green through an appointment by the City Council, and the position vacated by Jeff Green through an appointment by Dowell.

The other recent city council resignation had been in Vader where Janet Charlton stepped down on Friday, also for reasons undisclosed in her letter of resignation.