Hatfield speech on 2/3s majority amendment


“As we move forward, I believe that we should have a two-thirds requirement, not just for fiscal matters, but for all measures that the Legislature hears. 

“I see this as a ‘put up or shut up’ moment.  If you are going to argue against this amendment, tell me it’s simplistic, tell me it’s silly, tell me it creates a super minority rule, then I say to you: all those same reasons are the reasons you should vote against the underlying bill.

“Many may argue that the two-thirds rule is the will of the people, that it has been voted on and passed several times.  If you really feel that way, then put it out to the people, because I guarantee you they will pass it, because they don’t trust us and we have to do a lot to build that trust back up and this is not the answer to that problem.  Besides, it is an unnecessary bill since the voters have the underlying say on anything we do through the initiative process. 

“Let’s not go halfway and stop at fiscal matters.  Let’s go all the way and create true gridlock and super minority rule on everything we do here.”

Editor’s Note: To hear Senator Hatfield’s speech, go to Hometowndebate.com and Click HERE.