Jungar: It is just time that I do something else

"It is not for health reasons, many people have asked that," said Mayor Jungar, "It is just time that I do something else."

Jungar had been thinking about leaving public life for sometime and only ran in the last election to ensure that there would be continuity in the city when no one came forward in the last election.

"I have had two terms as mayor, I think that is enough," said Jungar.

Some of the current Raymond City Council members had been aware that Jungar was thinking of resigning his position, and tried to talk him out of it. Mayor Pro Tem Vicki Flemetis will hold the seat starting mid-October.

The council will have 90 days to replace the position and will be seeking "Letters of Application" in the very near future.

"The process is that the city council will take these letters of application from the community, which may include current members of the city council," Mayor Jungar explained.

"If a council member is selected, they will have to advertise for the open City Council position, just like we did when we brought in Councilman Hanson most recently."

The person selected from the open application process will hold the position until November 2015, when the next general election will be open for anyone to register to stand the election process.

"It is my hope that whomever is selected that they will stand for re-election in November," said Mayor Jungar.

The mayor would not be pinned down as to what it is that he will be doing in the future; he did say that it may include fishing, hunting and spending time with family. "All of the above," he said.

Mayor Jungar has spent the last 13 years in service to the City of Raymond, first as a city council member, and then as Mayor for two terms.

"I hope that I have left the city in better shape than when I found it," he added.

During his terms, he was pleased that the sewage facility was finally taken care of.

"It was the largest project for Pacific County, $35 million," he noted.

He further states that he has the utmost confidence in the city council members to do the right thing.

"The city council is very talented in several areas and I believe they will do a fine job in selecting a replacement for the mayor position," Jungar said.