Lewis County election results are trickling in

By Lynnette Hoffman

The Lewis County Elections this year have been a nail biter for some of the elected positions. The elections are to be certified on Nov. 28 with the absentee ballots being counted on the Nov. 27. The race for County Clerk is so close that it may mean votes will have to be recounted since they are less than 1/4% of 1% percentage point apart.

Currently, Scott Tinney leads Carla Shannon by 23 votes, he has 7270 and she has 7247. Absentee votes could decide this race.

Napavine had 4 city council positions up for grabs and all ran unopposed. Mike Wood, Jim Haslett, Shawn O'Neil and Laverne Haslett will be the city council for 2018, the only new addition was LaVerne Haslett who was Napavine City Clerk for many years.

Toledo City Council position #1 is a nail biter itself with 88 votes for Eric Duerst and 84 votes for write-in candidate Mr. Jim Fluckinger. Mr. Duerst has attempted 9 times to run for council and was defeated. Greg Morosoff ran unopposed for city council position #2.

The Toledo School Bond to construct, renovate and improve school facilities for $12,900,000 has fallen short by 27 votes or 1003 approved for a percentage vote of 58.18%, short of the 60% needed. It was rejected by 721 voters with 41.82% of the votes.

Judy Costello has 90 votes for city council position #1 against Kevin Flynn who has 60 votes. The remaining positions were all unopposed, Jason Daily, Joe Schey, Mike Parsons and Leona Nin Sander Hunter are in positions 2,3,4 and 5 respectively.

Winlock Mayoral race currently has Don Bradshaw in the lead with 97 votes, Lonnie Dowell has 87 votes and Tim White is in third place with 71 votes. Winlock council position #4 is still up for grabs with Connie Sneed having 126 votes ahead local man Brandon Patching with 122. Holly Orbino ran unopposed for position 5.

Don Bradshaw stated "I decided to run this campaign very clean and we did. Winlock is a great community and I look forward to serving and implementing ideas after the certification. If my friend, Lonnie Dowell should win re-election, I will offer my services to help him for the common interest of the community. My sincere thanks to all who believed in me and got out and voted. I will do my best not to disappoint you.'