Little gardener growing beautiful flowers

Little gardener growing beautiful flowers

Astoria Graham

In the Spring, Astoria Graham, daughter of Shannon and Jason Graham decided to take care of the flower pot by city hall. It has been fun to watch the wild flowers grow throughout the summer and see Astoria take care of it as well.

She has been maintaining the flower pot all Summer and has brought joy to the city staff. "It was kinda hard work taking care of the plants, my favorite is every kind of flower. It was cool when the big ones popped up. I put marble chips around and there is beauty everywhere," stated Astoria.

When it's time to change the flowers from summer to fall, Astoria is planning to have a fairy garden and she welcomes other young kids to join her. "Come on other kids, we can make the whole town beautiful, can you do it?" stated Astoria.

You can see the joy in her face and how much she has enjoyed it, she smiles while she talks about them. If you haven't seen the flower pot, your chance is still here. Next time you are downtown, take a peak. Maybe you can talk another child into making downtown beautiful too.