Need to Know 2.10.15

The Burning Bear Festival in Ocean City will be held Friday, February 12 and will go until the next day. The shop and grounds open at 9pm on Friday and Saturday. There will be a large number of wood carvers at the festival, with booths that will have their art work on display. The wood carvers will be carving the artwork all day at their booths as well. On Saturday there will be an auction at 4pm where you can purchase carvings at better rates. After the auction there will be a bonfire that starts at dusk, where they burn a large scrapwood bear that the wood carvers make at the festival.

Grays Harbor County has just had $40,000 in grants approved by state regulators to make safety upgrades at a rail crossing in Grays Harbor County. The upgrades will improve safety by providing reliable warning to pedestrians and motorists of approaching trains.